WayGood Tea Review

WayGood Tea is a Seattle-based company that specializes in different teas. All of our their teas boost your metabolism and burn fat to help you stay in shape. Sourced from around the world, founder Gar Lee developed a line of cleansing teas to improve daily life! WayGood Tea has ingredients that will help you with different areas that we all need a little help in:

WayGood Tea cleanse

WayGood Tea has 4 different flavours at the moment: Chamomile Mint Cleanse, Ginger Roobios Cleanse, Lavender Earl Grey Cleanse as well as Lemon Jasmine Cleanse. I got to try the Lavender Earl Grey Cleanse flavour and was simply amazed by how strong the lavender scent was. I’ve had a few lavender teas in the past and they were all very floral. This tea matches nicely with the earl grey component as the lavender is not overpowering at all.

WayGood Tea Review Lavender Earl Grey Cleanse

WayGood Tea Review Lavender Whole Leaf

Each of the 22 full leaf sachets included are found in pyramid shaped silk tea bags which allow the tea to expand more easily. These types of tea bags are more commonly found for full leaf teas. (Just look at all of that whole leaf tea goodness!!)

The highlights of the tea include: black tea, lavender, rosemary, elderberry, juniper berry as well as orange peel. When I first took a sip of the tea, I could definitely taste the lavender. Then after a while, the rosemary and orange flavours would mix and end with the familiar taste of earl grey. Despite lavender being the first note within the tea, it was not synthetic tasting at all. I’ve come across a few teas where the floral notes are much too strong and taste rather fake, but the Lavender Earl Grey Cleanse was just right!

Made with all organic ingredients, it’s the perfect cup to slow down my hectic schedule for me.