Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Hair Updo

When the weather gets nicer out, we all like to look a little more put together and updo’s are the way to make things look a little more polished while still not spending a fortune.

Here are the steps:

  1. Part your hair into 2 sections to create low pigtail braids. Create 2 fishtail braids on each side of your head and take a small section from the back of the left piece and wrap it over the top of the right piece. Then, take a small section from the back of the right piece and wrap it over top of the left piece and continue until you run out of hair and band the end. Repeat for the other section of your hair.

blonde woman braiding hair

  1. Grab each braid and tie in a knot in the back of your head and pull tight!

blonde woman with braid updo

  1. Secure the 2 ends with pins and be sure to hide them so that they’re not seen.

blonde woman braid updo fairy

  1. Lastly, decorate! Add flowers for decor and this easy hairstyle is done.

BeGLammed finished updo hairstyle


How do you like the finished look?

BeGLammed hairdo updo hairstyle princess forest boho glam bridal look