Wedding Wednesday: Spring Flowers

Wedding season is upon us and a big part of wedding planning is choosing the right flowers. Since spring has finally sprung and has been making an appearance in the big city, I’m excited to start browsing wedding venues and enjoying the outdoors! Different flowers can set the feel of a wedding: bright and bold, or soft and subtle… floral arrangements from bouquets and boutineers to tablesettings are an important aspect of any wedding.

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I don’t know about you, but prior to wedding planning, I knew next to nothing about flowers. I was familiar with the common roses, carnations and even daisy… but I wouldn’t want those at my wedding. So what other flowers are there?

In order to find fresh flowers locally and in season that are able to accompany both colour and theme of the wedding, I turned to the expertise of Pick Ontario. Developed by Flowers Canada (Ontario) Ltd., this government funded initiative helps raise awareness and demand for Ontario-grown cut flowers and potted plants. With Pick Ontario, you are supporting more than 200 greenhouse farmers who employ about 9000 people within the province!

By choosing locally grown flowers, the longevity of the blooms are maximized and can be enjoyed even after the big day.

Gerbera daisies are widely grown in Ontario and these blooms are available in almost every colour which makes it a convenient choice regardless of whatever theme you have.

Viburnum (otherwise known as “Spring Snowballs”) have a mass of small white blossoms that give the look of fluffy round clouds which also help to give a delicate softness to different arrangements.

Some more flowers that are a definite sign of Spring are peonies or dahlias. These flowers are so pretty and bloom beautifully!

The long and elegant Calla lily stems add structure and elegance to bouquets and arrangements. Putting several together for a bouquet gives it a modern look, and for a more trendy look, ranunculus have got you covered!

Local flowers tend to have more fragrance than ones that are imported as the scent comes from natural chemicals that are released into the air. Imported flowers often lose these chemicals due to their long transportation, so a shorter trip means the longer the scent will last! Flowers are essential for a wedding and spring is the perfect time to experiment with different fresh blooms and colours! If picking out the flowers yourself, it’s best to pick fresh & locally grown that smell freshly picked.